Use Cases

Wondering what you can use ToastWorx for? Here are some use cases that we hope will inspire you:
  • Availability Monitoring and Alerting

    Send alert messages to your support team when one of your servers or API endpoints stop responding.

  • Performance Analysis

    Keep your infrastructure team up to date with regular key performance metrics charts for your customer serving infrastructure (or, send them only when loads get near critical levels so they are ready to act)

  • Error Reporting

    Did one of your website visitors encounter an error? Use ToastWorx to automatically ship the error message and supporting debug information straight to your development team for analysis.

  • Friction free signup

    Customers can subscribe to your updates by simply scanning a QR code or clicking on a URL. Unsubscribing is equally easy.

  • Rich Media Messaging

    Combine text, images, charts, native Apple or Google maps, web views (and more!) to build rich, beautiful notifications.

  • Apple and Android Support

    We have native Apps for iOS (Apple) and Android devices so none of your customers will be left out.
  • Native Mapping Support

    Our Apps automatically use native Apple or Google Maps depending on the device type. There's no need to provide an API key for either of these services to use this feature.

  • Combine with other message types

    Include a map with an image and accompanying text to build beautiful notifications with high engagement and interaction ratings amongst your important customer or client base.

  • Integrate with Geolocation services

    Use the HTML5 geolocation API to send highly accurate browser location data in your notifications or use third party IP to location mapping services via our API.